Friday, 10 January 2014

The Stone Family

I would like to introduce you to two members of the Stone Family. They are also happy kids like the Sticks. They often play together. They love their mommy and daddy and all their friends. They also love to go to school and to learn new things. I hope they will make you happy and fill your heart with long-forgotten dreams and wonderful childhood memories. 

This is Sibusiso Stone. He is on his way to visit his Granny who lives on the other side of the green hill. He is singing a song and enjoying the wonderful warm sun. His name means "blessing" and that is what Sibusiso is.

This is Sibusiso's sister. Her name is Sihle Stone. Sihle means "good". And that is what she is! Always smiling, always happy, always caring for others.

Would you like to share their joy? Please contact me.

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