Thursday, 16 June 2016

My homeland

I live in South Africa. A beautiful country with big, blue skies, vast mountain ranges and ragged peaks falling into lush green river valleys.
Oil on hardboard. 27 x 19 cm. Available.
I LOVE to paint with a palette knife !

Saturday, 11 June 2016

My latest art

A joy forever. I really need to paint every now and then. It soothes my soul. It strengthens my heart. It makes me a wonderful person to know. (Smile!) I guess any activity that gives one a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of worthiness, a feeling of love... is a gift from God. How great it is to know that we can use our talents as long as we live, any day, everyday!

 Paletteknife, acrylic on hardboard. Sold to a fb-friend. She said it made her think of "hotnotsvye" just after they have had flowers.
 Trees in a winter landscape, acrylic and paletteknife art. On hardboard. For sale.

 A pen-and-inksketch. A house in the bush.
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