Monday, 4 September 2017

Painting is silent poetry

I received a WhattsApp message from an arty friend early this morning: "Painting is silent poetry." Wonderful! I love poetry, I love words, I love languages. And yes, I adore art. To admire other artist's art and to paint my own. I can do it every day and won't get tired. Never ever. 
Here are my latest silent poetry pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while painting it. 
 A landscape, using different techniques with brush as well as palette knife. Available. 

 While flying home from the Cape where I visited my children, I could stare out from the window for hours, wondering about the different beautiful sceneries underneath. Available. 

 A painting from my imagination. I just love nature and all its joy! Available. 

 Playing with colours!  SOLD. 

 Very nicely framed and in the buyer's house. Many thanks !
 Clouds fascinate me, I had to paint them! 

 A winter scenery. SOLD. Thanks to the buyer! 

 Available. Clouds, painted with a palette knife, fingers and a brush. Joyful! 

 The colourful feathers of a rooster ! Available. 

 Mother Hen and her chicks. Available. 

 The winter made an impression on me....I guess! 

 Different seasons have different colours: autumn is a favourite season. SOLD. 

 Love to paint trees! Their huge trunks are wonderful, roots above the ground... Available. 

  A walk in the forest during midnight can be interesting, don't you think? SOLD.  

Fresh fom the paletteknife, I painted this happy picture today! Spring is here and there are flowers everywhere. Smell them and enjoy your day! SOLD.