Friday, 13 April 2018

My latest paintings

Sometimes a person makes him- or herself believe they can't do a certain thing! For me it was always a challenge to paint a face. 

I enjoy painting landscapes: trees, water, clouds. Then one day, I tried something new! Faces. After painting three different faces, I longed to paint trees again. Life is interesting. 

I'm happy to share my work and hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for visiting my blog. 

Landscape with snow on the mountains.  30 x 42 cm., on blocked canvas, available

 Palette knife art, so much joy! 43 x 35 cm. Painted on an x-raysheet. When framed, it looks wonderful! Available. 

 Oh, I love to paint clouds. They change continuously. And always inspiring! 
This painting was done with a palette knife and brush, acrylic paint on an x-raysheet. Size: 40 x 30 cm. Available. 

 Something different! Abstract painting, playing with paint for hours.  43 x 35 cm. on an x-raysheet, available. 

 THE FACE. Acrylic on x-ray. Colourful and new! 

My imagination! Eyes tell stories... 
I used coffee and ink to create the woman's face. A4 size on watercolour paper. Available.