Friday, 9 May 2014

X-Raysheets to paint on.

I cannot remember where I got the idea from! To paint on x-raysheets. I think I didn't have any canvasses on hand at that time and the only thing just as useful as a canvas, was a pack of x-raysheets on my bookshelf. So, why not try them?

The smooth surface worked excellent, especially when using a palette knife tot paint with. Here are examples of my paintings on x-raysheets. I sold many of them. I prefer to frame them and also mount them. Then I know they are protected and will last forever! A matt glass in front is nessecary.

One wonderful advantage is that x-raysheets are available from hospitals, your own cupboards or from friends! No cost at all!


  1. Something I've never tried, absolutely beautiful Liz!

    1. Thanks so much Maree! Fun!! You will see!